Continual Learning: On Machines that can Learn Continually

A University of Pisa, ContinualAI and AIDA Doctoral Academy Course

Learning continually from non-stationary data streams is a fascinating research topic and a fundamental aspect of Intelligence. At ContinualAI, in conjunction with the University of Pisa and the AIDA Doctoral Academy, we are proud to offer the first official open-access course on Continual Learning. Anyone from around the world can join the class and learn about this fascinating topic, completely for free!

The course is tailored for Graduate / PhD Students as an introduction to Continual Learning, especially focusing on the recent Deep Learning advances.

Please note that the certificate of attendance is only released after a project-based exam to be agreed with the course instructor.

You can check out the official course structure (8 lectures + 2 invited talks), the class timetable and other relevant details about the course in the section below:

Officially Enroll in the Course

In order to officially enroll in this course, hence being able to participate and interact in class, you need to register through the form below (you'll be contacted soon with more instructions if you already complected the enrollment).

Enrollments for the 2021 course are now closed. You can still follow the recorded lectures on YouTube in the official ContinualAI channel!

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