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The Main Details of the Course and Class Timetable

In this page you'll find all the relevant details of the "Continual Learning" course. Please check this page from time to time as class timetables may be subject to change.

Course Objective

In this course you'll learn the fundamentals of Continual Learning with Deep Architectures. At the end of this course you can expect to possess the basic theoretical and practical knowledge that would enable you to autonomously explore more advanced topics and frontiers in this exciting research area. You will also able to apply such skills to your own research topics and real-world applications.

Course Details

Modality: Mixed In-person / Remote

Where: University of Pisa, Department of Computer Science, "Sala Polifunzionale" and "Sala Seminari Est" (check below), Largo B. Pontecorvo, 356127, Pisa, Italy. The link to the Microsoft Teams will be sent via email to the registered participants.

Lectures plan: Every Monday and Wednesday 16-18 CEST (there may be exceptions)

Period: 22/11/2021 - 20/12/2021

Language: English

Lecture Details

The course will be based on 8 main lectures (2 hours each) and a final session composed of 2 invited talks. You can click on each lecture to check the outline and see the recorded lecture finished.

  1. Introduction & Motivation (22/11)

    Location: "Sala Polifunzionale" & Remote

  2. Understanding Catastrophic Forgetting (24/11)

    Location: "Sala Seminari Est" & Remote

  3. Scenarios & Benchmarks (29-11)

    Location: Remote only

  4. Evaluation & Metrics (1-12)

    Location: Remote only

  5. Methodologies [part 1] (6-12)

    Location: "Sala Seminari Est" & Remote

  6. Methodologies [part 2] (9-12)

    Location: "Sala Seminari Est" & Remote

  7. Methodologies [part 3] & Applications (13-12)

    Location: "Sala Seminari Est" & Remote

  8. Frontiers in Continual Learning (15-12)

    Location: "Sala Seminari Est" & Remote

  9. Avalanche Dev Day (16-12)

    Location: "Sala Seminari Est" & Remote

  10. Invited Lectures (20-12)

    Location: "Sala Seminari Est" & Remote

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