🆘Teaching Assistants

Your Teaching Assistants

This course would have not been possible without the help of two great teaching assistants: Antonio Carta and Andrea Cossu! They helped us significantly improve the quality of the material and offered their technical/didactic support along the entirety of the course!

Please refer to them and the course instructor for any issue you may have.

Andrea Cossu is a PhD Student in Data Science, under the supervision of Davide Bacciu, Vincenzo Lomonaco and Anna Monreale. His research focuses on Continual Learning, with applications to Recurrent Neural Networks models and sequential data processing. He is a member of the Pervasive AI Lab and of the Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning (CIML) group at University of Pisa. He is a Board Member and Treasurer of ContinualAI. He is also the Principal Maintainer of ContinualAI wiki and one of the main maintainers of Avalanche, an End-to-End library for Continual Learning based on PyTorch.

Antonio Carta is a Post-Doc in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pisa, under the supervision of Davide Bacciu. He is also a member of the Computational intelligence and Machine Learning group ( CIML) and Pervasive AI Lab ( PAI) at the University of Pisa, and a member of ContinualAI. His research is focused on continual learning methods applied to deep learning models and recurrent neural networks.

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